Flint River Ranch Pet Food
More and more pet owners are becoming aware of just how important nutrition is for the health of their dogs and cats. The Dog House is proud to sell Flint River Ranch Super Premium Pet Food.

What makes Flint River Ranch so superior is what is in it, what is not in it and the way it is made. Flint River Ranch Pet Food contains human-grade (FDA food-grade, not pet-grade), ingredients. Fresh chicken, lamb and trout. Fresh grains and vegetables. Chelated vitamins and minerals. Flax seed, an antioxidant that also helps dry coats and itchy, flaky skin.

Unlike many brands of dog food, Flint River Ranch contains NO chemical preservatives (no BHA, BHT, Propyl Gallate, Propylene glycol or Ethosyquin). It contains NO by-products like chicken feet, chicken heads, duck heads, beaks, feathers, fishheads, hides, hoofs or intestines. Flint River Ranch does not contain any cottonseed, soybeans, corn cobs, peanut hulls, citrus pulp or CORN, which is difficult to digest, but a cheap filler. There are no sprayed-on additives or greasy coatings to make the taste acceptable.

Flint River Ranch is oven-baked twice under carefully controlled conditions and temperatures. This results in better nutrition, palatability and digestibility for your pet. Oven baking changes hard to digest starches into easy to digest dextrins which are readily absorbed into your pets system.

The secret to good nutrition is not only how many high quality nutrients are present in the food but also the "bio-availability" of those nutrients and how efficiently they can be utilized when digested.

Because Flint River Ranch is concentrated, you feed 20 - 25% less than other foods. Each serving delivers maximum nutrition without fillers, so you will have less stool to clean up.

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What people are saying about Flint River Ranch:

"My dogs were having chronic problems with ear and urinary tract infections. One year on FRR and no infections. Plus my son is happy about less clean up in the yard." Carly M.

"Cleo (my Great Dane) was on a prescription food for allergies, which we had trouble getting her to eat. She was down to 82 lbs. when we switched her over to FRR. She is eating, gaining weight and no more allergy problems." Milada

"On the suggestion of our trainer we switched our dogs from Nutro Lamb & Rice to FRR Senior Plus. They love it, no more skin problems and they are getting Glucosamine and Chondrotin for their joints." Linda Y.

"I have both my Huskies on FRR. They love it and if I forget to order online, I can pick it up at The Dog House." Sara F.

"My Schnauzer was a picky eater, who had to be coaxed with "people food" to eat. I changed to FRR and he now eats without coaxing. Also there are no more "yellow spots" in the yard." Clara B.

"Greta was not eating well and was throwing up often. We put her on FRR and she is back to eating her breakfast and dinner with no more throwing up." Diane R.

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